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The Trade Alliance ® Barter software 

Barter software for the barter exchange industry. The best online
barter software system with the best barter and trade sites are
members of The Trade Alliance ® family!
Our barter platform is at

The best online barter software with the best exchanges as members of The Trade Alliance® family!

The Trade Alliance

In addition to complete barter management software to run your
barter exchange company, The Trade Alliance also offers
complete billing services with all revenues paid directly into your
bank account; plus a barter services app, customized for your
barter exchange that works with all mobile smart phones and
tablets. That means even MORE on-the-go barter transactions by
the local business owners in your trade exchange. The Trade
Alliance barter software is “features-rich” --- complete with more
and better options to facilitate transactions.
Learn more about our online barter software platform, contact The
Trade Alliance® via E-mail from this site or call

Direct Line 352 505-4848




Review The Trade Alliance ® Barter Software - The Best Choice for B2B Online Barter Exchange Softwar

All software providers will tell you they are the best would you expect less?
Most of the barter software available work fine and your exchange can run on them.
Every barter software has something the rest do not and all will tell you how sophisticated their software is. All functional software I know of is not simple, it is the nature of the beast!
So why choose The Trade Alliance barter software for your software provider?
We are the only one designed and developed by a team that ran a successful barter exchange for many years, so we know what an exchange needs and uses everyday.
if and when you have a question or problem we are available with the fastest response to any E-mails and if you cannot reach us by phone you will receive a call back in 1 hour or less.
You can trade with some of the largest and finest barter exchanges in the US, all who have been members for many years.
We concentrate only on the US and Canada. That is where we are located and that is where all your business will come from.
Not all software providers are only involved in the barter industry. That is our only business. We do not host radio shows, develop software for other uses, or have any other business endeavors. Barter is what we do and it is all we do, longer than any other barter software provider.
If you are an existing barter company with at least 50 members there is no charge to move all your members and information to The Trade Alliance Barter Software. 
Barter software from The Trade Alliance provides the most feature rich barter software to the barter and trade industry. In addition to complete management software to run your barter business and complete billing services with all revenues paid directly to your bank account.
We also have a mobile app customized for each exchange where members and management can access the member list and do transactions from any smart phone or tablet.
The Trade Alliance, The true leader in barter software.,
The Trade Alliance barter software is the first choice as an online barter software provider.
More members and more goods and services available than any other barter group or software provider.
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  • The Trade Alliance barter software written, run, and used by barter professionals with over 40 years experience in barter. Others say "Why Pay More" and then charge more for barter software without many features offered by The Trade Alliance barter software

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